eSRS Integrated Acquisition Environment eGov

eSRS Registration Process for Government Users

  1. Go to the eSRS Homepage at
  2. Select "For Government."
  3. Select the "Register" tab.
  4. Enter your profile/registration information. Once complete, make sure to select the "Submit Registration" button.
  5. Open your email to look for the eSRS registration notice. In the email, click on the provided eSRS link to confirm your information and to continue the registration process. (Side note: clicking on the link will prompt a separate notice within the Agency Coordinator (AC)/Bureau POC eSRS account, indicating that your registration is pending and for them to take appropriate action. The AC/Bureau POC has to go into their eSRS account to "approve", "reject", or "edit" the registration.)
  6. Once the AC/Bureau POC has acted (let's say that the registration was "approved") you'll receive an email indicating that you can sign-in.
  7. Proceed to the "eSRS Sign-In" screen.

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